About me and this blog

Hello stranger. Welcome to my blog.

My name is Adam Zapaśnik. I’m a software developer using Ruby(RoR) and JS(React.js). In a free time, I’m trying to add Elixir to my toolkit as I find it pretty neat and simple. Hopefully later on, I will have time to dive into Golang too.

Why am I a software developer? Because I’m really impressed by the software universe, which is really big and amazing. There is a lot of technologies I would never dream of existing, which makes it a cool experience to discover something new now and then and get to use it. Think that there are a lot of smart people living among us that have built that technological world, which we can explore and marvel at. What is even cooler, we can build something on our own in that fabulous space and put it in there for others to admire or hate. It is cool, isn’t it?

About Blog

In this blog, I’m mostly going to focus on writing about software development as I find it a very important topic, which seems to be a bit forgotten in the software development circles. I find it very as software developers get to develop software every day, yet we only care to share posts about newly crafted libraries in the most beautiful language that is JS. Although I would like to put a little disclaimer here: I’m also definitely going to write technological posts from time to time.

While I don’t have years of experience like most of the bloggers, I can offer a look at development from a fresh developer’s point of view. I’d like to add that I spend a huge amount of time on learning how to be a better developer and a businessman. Currently, I’m developing my own products. One of them is Retrochat.

An unordered list of reasons to start this blog:

  • networking
  • a good friend recommended starting a blog
  • marketing my own stuff (in the future)
  • I like writing
  • talking about software development
  • discussions with other people
  • helping others by sharing knowledge and my thoughts

My goals

In the future
  • Develop a video game
  • Learn to draw/paint

2019 [Ongoing]
  • Build a profitable product
  • Start a blog and post weekly
  • Invest time in marketing
  • Learn how to sell a product

2018 [Completed]
  • Use Elixir in production environment [Almost]
  • Start a blog [Almost]
  • Develop 2-3 production ready apps [Almost]
  • Start learning about marketing
  • Build 1 PWA (probably not gonna happen) [Nope]

2017 [Completed]
  • Get a job as a software developer
  • Received Bachelor degree